Through The Camera Eye was a video compilition released in 1985 on vhs and laserdisk by PolyGram Records. It is no longer made. It included videos from Rush's 80's albums including Moving Pictures (1981), Exit...Stage Left (1982), Signals (1982), and Grace Under Pressure (1984)

No dvd version has been released.

Track ListingEdit

  1. Distant Early Warning 5:31
  2. Vital Signs 4:42
  3. The Body Electric 5:08
  4. Afterimage 5:11
  5. Subdivisions 5:37
  6. Tom Sawyer (Live) 4:43
  7. The Enemy Within' 4:22
  8. Countdown 5:56
  9. Credits 1:24


  • Geddy Lee- Bass Guitars, Moog Taurus Pedals, Keyboards, Vocals
  • Alex Lifeson- Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Moog Taurus Pedals
  • Neil Peart- Drums, Percussion, Electronic Percussion

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