Alex LifesonEdit


  • 1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard
  • Paul Reed Smith Artist Series

Strung with Dean Markley Blue Steels at .009-.048. Acoustic Ovation on stand with nylon strings.


Three channel Marshall Anniversary 100-watt with two Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamps. Digitech 2101 for clean tone with chorus and overdrive with phase. Marshall 100-watt with Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamps for dry tone. For live recordings, two 2x12 Gallien-Krueger cabinets with G12 Celestion speakers housed in lead lined acoustical isolation boxes. Miked with Shure SM-57 and later Audio Technica microphones.

  • Marshall JCM 900


Alesis Multi-Effects Unit with 12-string, clean and distortion settings.

Geddy LeeEdit


  • 1972 Fender Jazz Bass

Two other Fender Jazz Basses. Strung with Rotosound strings at .105-.050.


Direct signal fed through Demeter input box split into Palmer speaker simulator and Sansamp for distortion. Line out into Trace-Elliot amplifier. Live recording a mix of both signals.


  • Guitar World, January 1999 "Living in the Limelight"

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