Test for Echo
Test for Echo.jpg
Album by Rush
Released September 10, 1996
Recorded January - March 1996 Bearsville Studios, New York & Reaction Studios, Toronto
Genre Prog-Rock
Length 53:25
Label Atlantic
Producer Peter Collins and Rush
Professional reviews
Rush chronology
Test for Echo
Different Stages
Test for Echo was the sixteenth studio album and is not talked about a lot.Not a lot of songs are recognized off of this album.The album has it's own song called Test for Echo.The album was released in 1996.The tour was called Different Stages and the tour happened after Neil's wife died.The album marks the final Rush work prior to the event's in neils life that put the band on hiatus for severel years.Peart recorded a majiorty of his drum tracks for the album using a traditional grip,after reciveing drum instuctions from his jazz drum teacher,Freddie Grueber.The cover denotes a inuksuk,native to the band's home country of Canada,which is a stone figure in the shapeof a human used to mark a food cache or hunting ground.The title track reached #1 on the Mainstream Rock chart.The track "Driven" became a bass showcase for Geddy Lee during live performances,while Resist was rearranged as an acoustic song on the Vapor Trails and R30 Tours.

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