Hi Howard,

I had e-mailed you this sometime ago, hadn’t heard a yea or nea either way…

This past October when the show finished (L) in Bridgeport Ct. I had the opportunity to chat with you (J) about how my brother and I were at

the 1976 Fredericton New Brunswick “curtain fire” show. Struck a nerve that SHOW did !

The sight and feel of the energy at that show was ONE never to be forgotten…I think it was Geddy  F-bombing the amount of time it was taking…I’m not throwing him under the bus,.. just thinking back and remembering also how Alex started “Closer to the Heart” and Neil staring at my brother and I, stone face with a slight grin,..focused. E-mailing you this crazy request is what I need to do, for a “switch back” doesn’t happen every year!!

Would there be a possibility for Rick and I to sit on your stage, when the tour returns on May 9th at Mohegan Sun ? So as to look and feel “Clockwork Angels” from a vantage point…straight ahead would be the best J. All will be Revealed…

Hopeful, Ralph Martin Service Scheduler

TRUMPF Inc. 111 Hyde Rd Farmington, CT 06032 USA Phone: +1 860 678-8584 Fax: +1 860 678-6678

nf .

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