Snakes and Arrows was the eighteenth full-length studio album. It featured songs such as "Far Cry", and "The Main Monkey Buisness". This album was talked about a lot and did very good. There was a live video and album of the tour called Snakes & Arrows Live. It was released after the album Feedback, which was all cover songs from different bands. Snakes and Arrows was recorded at Allaire Studios in New York's Catskill
Rush's 18th album snakes and arrows

Snakes & Arrows

Mountains. Then, they mixed and mastered it at Ocean Way Studio in Los Angeles, California. It was released May 1, 2007. Snakes & Arrows debuted at #3 on The Billboard 200 chart where it remained for 14 weeks. It was certified gold in Canada in September 2007. The track "Malignant Narcissm" (2 minute instrumental) was nominated for a Grammy Award under the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance. The album was named as one of Classic Rock's 10 essential porgressive rock albums of the decade. The name of the album was inspired by drummist Neil Peart was convinced conserdiable reasearch for severeal sources: the 2000-year-old Buddhist game called Leela the Game of Self Knowledge. The related children's game Snakes and Ladders (also known as Chutes and Ladders) and Hamlet's quote, slings and arrows. This information helped convince bassist and vocalist Geddy Lee and gutarist Alex Lifeson to adopt the original painting of the age old game board as the cover for the new album.

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