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Here, we discuss the Canadian band known as Rush. We will feature everything Rush, from the meanings of songs, to the albums, the members and the instruments they use.

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The Rush Wiki is dedicated to Rush, the multi-talented progressive rock band. With help from fans like you, we strive to become the most comprehensive source of Rush information available! We recommend registering for an account, or signing in (if you already have one) and becoming a regular editor!

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Everything currently released by Rush, including albums, EPs, singles and compilations.
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  • Mm2112

    February 2112 (2-1-12)

    February 1, 2012 by Mm2112

    [image link February 2112. Or rather 2-1-12. ]

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  • Metnever


    February 1, 2011 by Metnever

    We can still continue the Tour project, but do not use any information from Power Windows as a source. Use the official website for new dates. Other usefull websites include the NMS Email Archive , t…

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  • Metnever

    Source issue

    January 29, 2011 by Metnever

    I afraid we will have to remove all tour information and images sourced from the Power Windows website. He has a issue with us using his information. I recieved this email yesterday:


    I just stum…

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