This page is for songs written by Rush (Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, John Rutsey) BEFORE their debut album, Rush, but were never released on any official ALBUMS. Their single, "Not Fade Away" is elligable to be on this page.

Original SongsEdit


  • Losing Again


  • Child Reborn
  • Number 1
  • Keep in Line
  • Run Willie Run
  • Mike's Idea
  • Tale


  • Sing Guitar
  • Morning Star
  • Marguerite
  • Feel so Good
  • Love Light
  • Garden Road


  • Slaughterhouse


  • Fancy Dancer


  • Can't Fight It


  • "Garden Road" and "Fancy Dancer" appeared on bootlegs from the first tour. Of the two, "Garden Road" is the rarer.
  • "Can't Fight It" was the B-side of their first single but was never on a full album.
  • "Run Willie Run" was recorded on a tv show. An unknown singer and Alex Lifeson played it. This is the only known recording of this song.


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