Jc 120 gal


  • Channel 1 - Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Bright switch
  • Channel 2 - Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Distortion, Reverb, Bright switch
  • Speed, Depth, Vib/Chorus
  • Two separate 60 watt RMS power amps (to allow for true stereo chorus)
  • Normal and effect channels, three-band equalizer per channel, one high and one low input per channel
  • Reverb, distortion, adjustable vibrato and true stereo chorus with footswitch jacks
  • Stereo effects loop
  • Line out left/mono, right
  • Channel 2 effect loop send with Level switch for 4 and -20 dBm; Series/Parallel Loop switch, Return (left/mono, right)
  • Four caster wheels
Output 120 (60 + 60) watts
Valves Solid state
Speakers Two silver-cone speakers, 30 cm
Dimensions 29 15/16" x 11 1/16" x 24 1/2"
Weight 61 lbs, 11 oz
Usage Counterparts by Alex

Described as having sweet, creamy soft distortion.

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