The R30 tour was in support of Rush 's new EP, Feedback . It featured multiple cover songs, something they hadn't done since the early 1970's. The concerts started off with "R30 Overture," a new instrumental medley consisting of parts of "Finding My Way ," from Rush , "Anthem ," from Fly by Night , "Bastille Day ," from Caress of Steel , "A Passage to Bangkok ," from 2112 , "Cygnus X-1: Book I - The Voyage", from A Farewell to Kings , and "Cygnus X-1: Book II - Hemispheres" from Hemispheres all played in chronological order. Every album but Presto was represented. This was the first time Grand Finale was added to the 2112 medley. Continuing the tradition of the Vapor Trails Tour, Lifeson preformed an improvised rand during La Villa Strangiato. The setlist remained constant the entire tour; the first time since the Hold Your Fire Tour.


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