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  • Alex Lifeson – six and twelve-string acoustic and electric guitars, classical guitar, mandolin, mandola, Bouzouki, backing vocals, bass and synthesizer pedals (August 1968 – present)
  • Geddy Lee – bass guitar, lead vocals, keyboards, mellotron, bass and synthesizer pedals, electric and acoustic rhythm guitar (September 1968 – present)
  • Neil Peart – drums, electronic and acoustic percussion (July 1974 – present)

Former membersEdit

  • John Rutsey – drums, cymbals, acoustic percussion, backing vocals (Spring 1968–July 1974)
  • Jerry Fielding – drums (April 1974)
  • Lindy Young – keyboards, rhythm guitar, backing vocals (December 25, 1968/January 1969–July 1969)
  • Mitch Bossi – rhythm guitar, backing vocals (February 1971–May 1971)
  • Joe Perna – bass guitar, lead vocals (May 1969–July 1969)
  • Jeff Jones – bass guitar, lead vocals (August 1968–September 1968)

Solo worksEdit

  • Edwin - vocals (Alex Lifeson - Victor)
  • Bill Bell - guitar, twelve-string guitar, e-bow, wah guitar, slide guitar, background vocals (Alex Lifeson - Victor)
  • Blake Manning - drums, darbuka (Alex Lifeson - Victor)
  • Ben Mink - electric and acoustic guitars, violins and violas, programming, wheezing (Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache)
  • Matt Cameron - drums (Geddy Lee - My Favorite Headache)

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2112 TourEdit

Concert Sound by National Sound:

Concert Lighting by Atlantis Systems:

All The World's A Stage TourEdit

Concert Sound by National Sound:

See Factor Industries Lighting:

A Farewell To Kings TourEdit

Concert Sound by National Sound:

See Factor Industries Lighting:

Archives TourEdit

Hemispheres TourEdit

Concert Sound by National Sound:

See Factor Industries Lighting:

Permanent Waves Warm Up TourEdit

Permanent Waves TourEdit

  • Management by: Ray Danniels and Vic Wilson, SRO Productions, Toronto, Canada.
  • Road Manager and Lighting Director: Howard Ungerleider.
  • Stage Manager: Michael Hirsh.
  • Concert Sound Engineer: Ian Grandy.
  • Stage Right Technician and Crew Chief: Liam Birt.
  • Stage Left Technician: Skip Gildersleeve.
  • Centre Stage Technician: Larry Allen.
  • Guitar and Synthesizer Technician: Tony Geranios.
  • Stage Monitor Mixer: Greg Connolly.
  • Concert Sound by National Sound: Tom Linthicum, Dave Berman, Fuzzy Frazer and by Electrosound in the U.K.
  • Concert Lighting by See Factor International: Nick Kotos, Bob Kniffen, Geo. Guido, Bob Cross.
  • Concert Visuals designed by Rush and Nick Prince, artwork by Nick Prince and Al Kamajian.
  • Design: Hugh Syme.
  • Photography: Fin Costello.
  • Truck and Bus Drivers: Tom Whittaker, Pat Lynes, Arthur MacLear, Mike Burnham, Kim Varney, Bill Barlow.
  • Booking Agencies: Canada -- The Agency, Toronto; United States -- American Talent International, NYC; United Kingdom -- Bron Agency, London.
  • Correspondence: P.O Box 640, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L3T 4A5
  • Thanks are also due to Edwin Shirly Trucking (U.K.), Len Wright Travel (U.K.), and See Factor Trucking in the U.S.

Time Machine TourEdit

Sound by Clair, Lititz, PA

Rigging by Five Points Production Services , Nashville, TN


Prosound Network, "Rush Gets Timeless"