1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop Reissue1958 Gibson Les Paul Standard Reissue, Cherry Sunburst1959 Fender Telecaster Reissue, Blonde
1963 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst1968 Gibson ES-335, Tobacco Sunburst1969 Fender Precision, Blue
1969 Fender Precision, Dark Sunburst1974 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe1977 Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), Black
1978 Fender Stratocaster (Hentor Sportcaster), Black1993 Fender Jazz Bass, Red2112
2112 (song)2112 TourA Farewell to Kings
A Farewell to Kings TourA Passage to BangkokA Show of Hands
AfterimageAir Canada CentreAlex Lifeson
Alex Lifeson equipmentAll the World's a StageAll the World's a Stage Tour
Allan WeinribAnthemArchives
Archives TourAudrey SolomonAugust 14, 1974
BU2BBad BoyBastille Day
Before and AfterBen MinkBeneath, Between, & Behind
Best I CanBetween the WheelsBill Banasiewicz
Bill Lawrence XL-500, Candy Apple RedBob LudwigBroon's Bane
By-Tor and the Snow DogCanoraCaravan
Caravan (lyrics and chords)Caress of SteelCaress of Steel Tour
Centennial ParkCharlene ZivojinovichCharter One Pavilion
ChroniclesCinderella ManCircumstances
Cisco Ottawa BluesfestCivic ArenaCleveland Public Auditorium
Clockwork Angels (album)Clockwork Angels (song)Closer to the Heart
Cold FireCountdownCounterparts
Cygnus X-1: Book II - HemispheresCygnus X-1: Book I - The VoyageCygnus X-1: Books I&II
Danny PeartDavid CampbellDavid Leonard
Dean Markley Blue Steel Custom Lights StringsDeborah SamuelDifferent Stages
Different StringsDirectoryDiscography
Distant Early WarningDrum SoloDrum Workshop, Black Mirra Lacquer Specialty
Drum Workshop, Ice-Blue PearlescentDrum Workshop, Red SparkleDrum Workshop, Time Machine Tour
Drum Workshop, Tobacco SunburstDrum Workshop Collector's Series, Aztec Red LacquerEquipment
Eraldo CarugatiEverything Your Listeners Ever Wanted to Hear by Rush... But You Were Afraid to PlayExit...Stage Left
FandomFar CryFeedback
Fender Jaco Pastorius Tribute Custom FrettedFender Jazz Bass Geddy Lee, BlackFestival d'ete de Quebec
Finding My WayFly By Night (song)Fly by Night, Anthem ANC-1-1002
Fly by Night, Anthem ANMD-1076Fly by Night, Anthem ANR-1-1002Fly by Night, Anthem D-108203
Fly by Night, Atlantic AMCY-315Fly by Night, Atlantic WPCR-13473Fly by Night, BM 038
Fly by Night, Mercury 314 534 624-2Fly by Night, Mercury 534 624-2 BrazilFly by Night, Mercury 534 624-2 Germany
Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2 GermanyFly by Night, Mercury 822 542-4
Fly by Night, Mercury 9100-013Fly by Night, Mercury BT-5185Fly by Night, Mercury D-103184
Fly by Night, Mercury D-118697Fly by Night, Mercury P2-22542Fly by Night, Mercury P2-34624
Fly by Night, Mercury RJ-7012Fly by Night, Mercury SRM 1-1023Fly by Night (Album)
Fly by Night (song)Fly by Night RSHCD 04000405Fly by Night Tour
Force TenFreewillGallien-Krueger 2000-CPL Preamp
Garrison GGC-50-CE Acoustic, NaturalGeddy LeeGeddy Lee equipment
Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck, WhiteGibson Howard Roberts FusionGibson J-150 Jumbo Acoustic
Gibson Les Paul Axcess Alex Lifeson, Royal CrimsonGibson Les Paul Axcess Alex Lifeson, Viceroy BrownGibson Les Paul Axcess Custom, Iced Tea Burst
Gibson Les Paul Custom, EbonyGibson Les Paul Standard, EbonyGold
Grace Under PressureGrace Under Pressure: 1984 TourHagstrom
Hard Rock Casino presents The PavilionHemispheresHemispheres Tour
Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), RedHentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), WhiteHere Again
HistoryHold Your FireHold Your Fire Tour setup
Howard UngerleiderHugh SymeHughes & Kettner Coreblade
Hughes & Kettner Custom Cabinet PropI Think I'm Going BaldIan Grandy
IconIn the MoodJacqueline Peart
Jeff JonesJohn RutseyJohn Rutsey equipment
Kent AcousticKevin J. AndersonKid Gloves
Korg MPK-130 MIDI PedalsLa Villa StrangiatoLa Villa Strangiato (An Exercise in Self-Indulgence)
Lakeside ParkLessonsLiam Birt
LimelightLinksLudwig, Blue Shadow
Ludwig, Hot PinkMadrigalMaking Memories
Marcus AmphitheaterMario De LeonMartin Popoff
May 10, 1977Mesa-Boogie Mark 1Milka Zivojinovich
Mohegan Sun ArenaMolson Canadian AmphitheatreMoving Pictures
Mystic RhythmsNeed Some LoveNeil Peart
Neil Peart equipmentNenad ZivojinovichNick Raskulinecz
Nikon at Jones Beach TheaterNot Fade AwayOctober 31, 1991 Rosemont Horizon. Rosemont, IL
One Little VictoryOrange AD200B MK 3Orange OBC 410 Cabinet
Ovation Adamas Acoustic/ElectricOvation Adamas ClassicalPPG Wave 2.3
Palmer PDI-3 Speaker SimulatorPaul NorthfieldPaul Reed Smith
Paul Reed Smith CE3, Tobacco Black SunburstPegi CecconiPeople
Permanent WavesPeter CollinsPlains of Abraham
Power WindowsPrestoR30
R30 TourRane SM26 MixerRay Danniels
Red BarchettaRed Sector ARetrospective 3
Retrospective IRetrospective I: 1974 to 1980Retrospective II: 1981 to 1987
Rickenbacker 4001, BlackRickenbacker 4080 Doubleneck, BlackRickenbacker 4080 Doubleneck, White
Riverside TheaterRogers BayfestRoland Dimension D Spatial Expander
Roland GP-16 Effects ProcessorRoland Jazz Chorus-120Roll the Bones
Roll the Bones TourRupert HineRush
Rush, Anthem ANC-1-1001Rush, Anthem ANMD-1075Rush, Atlantic AMCY-2289
Rush, Atlantic AMCY-314Rush, Atlantic WPCR-13472Rush, Capitol ANR-1-1001
Rush, Capitol ANR-1-1011Rush, Mercury 314 534 623-2Rush, Mercury 534 623-2 Brazil
Rush, Mercury 534 623-2 GermanyRush, Mercury 9100 011Rush, Mercury BT-5162
Rush, Mercury D-118675Rush, Mercury MC4-1-1011Rush, Mercury MC8-1-1011
Rush, Mercury MCR4-1-1011Rush, Mercury P2-22541Rush, Mercury P2-34623
Rush, Mercury RJ-6028Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011 Canada
Rush, Moon MN 100Rush, Polydor ANR-1-1001Rush, Polydor SRM-1-1011
Rush: Pre 1974: SongsRush HistoryRush Through Time
Rush TourRush WikiRush in Rio
Saratoga Performing Arts CenterSignalsSignature Aurora, Dark Vermillion
Signature Aurora, Midnight Blue MetallicSignature Aurora, Pearl WhiteSlingerland, Black Chrome
Slingerland, ChromeSnakes & ArrowsSnakes & Arrows Live
Something for NothingSpindriftStarlight Theatre
StarmanSteinberger L2, BlackStewart red sparkle
SubdivisionsSummerfestSummertime Blues
Sunn 2000 SSusquehanna Bank CenterSwitch Back
TC Electronics 1210 Spatial ExpanderTC Electronics G-Force Effects ProcessorTC Electronics TC-2290 Effects Unit
Take a FriendTama SuperstarTama Superstar (2)
Taylor 612ce AcousticTearsTerry Brown
Test for EchoTest for Echo Tour SetupThe "Fear" Series
The Body ElectricThe Camera EyeThe Enemy Within (Part I of Fear)
The Fountain of LamnethThe Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)The Necromancer
The Spirit of RadioThe Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974–1987The Trees
The Twilight ZoneThrough the Camera EyeTime Machine Tour 2011
Time Machine Tour SetupTime Stand Still: The CollectionTom Sawyer
Tony GeraniosToursTraynor
USANA Health Sciences AmphitheatreVapor TrailsVideos
Wal, BlackWal, Cherry RedWhat You're Doing
White River AmphitheatreWorkin' Them AngelsWorking Man
Working MenXanaduYYZ
File:0.jpgFile:1963 Fender Stratocaster, Sunburst.jpgFile:1969 Fender Precision, Blue.jpg
File:1993 Fender Jazz Bass, Red .jpgFile:200px-Fly By Nightsinglerush.jpgFile:2112.jpg
File:22 1.jpgFile:2burgan01 22 77.jpgFile:A Farewell to Kings.jpg
File:A Passage to Bangkok.jpgFile:A Show of Hands.jpgFile:Alex Lifeson - Rush.jpg
File:Alex Lifeson - Strip and Go NakedFile:Alex Lifesone.jpgFile:All the World's a Stage.jpg
File:All the Worlds a Stage.jpgFile:Archives.jpgFile:Blue i icon.png
File:Can't Fight ItFile:CaravanSingle.jpgFile:Caress of Steel.jpg
File:Caress of Steelintended.jpgFile:Chronicles.jpgFile:Circumstances.jpg
File:Civic Arena.jpgFile:Cleveland Public Auditorium.jpgFile:Clockwork Angels.jpg
File:Closer to the Heart.jpgFile:Counterparts.jpgFile:DEBUT (Mercury).jpg
File:Debut.jpgFile:Different Stages.jpgFile:Discography-portal.jpg
File:Distant Early Warning.gifFile:Drum Workshop, Black Mirra Lacquer Specialty.jpgFile:Drum Workshop, Ice-Blue Pearlescent.jpg
File:Drum Workshop, Red Sparkle.jpgFile:Drum Workshop, Red Sparkle2.jpgFile:Drum Workshop, Time Machine Tour.jpg
File:Drum Workshop Collector's Series aztec red lacquer.jpgFile:Drum Workshop Collector's Series aztec red lacquersetup.jpgFile:Earlyrush.jpg
File:Equipment-portal.jpgFile:Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted to Hear by Rush.jpgFile:Example.jpg
File:Exit...Stage Left.jpgFile:Far Cry.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Fender Jaco Pastorius Tribute Custom Fretted.jpgFile:Fender Telecaster, Blonde.jpgFile:Fenderjazzlee.jpg
File:Finding My Way.jpgFile:Fly By Night single.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Anthem ANC-1-1002.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Anthem ANMD-1076.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Atlantic AMCY-315.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Atlantic AMCY-315obi.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Atlantic WPCR-13473.jpgFile:Fly by Night, BM 038.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 314 534 624-2.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Mercury 534 624-2 Brazil.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 534 624-2 Germany.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2 Germany.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2v2.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-2v3.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-4.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-4cassette.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-4cassette2.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Mercury 822 542-4liner.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury BT-5185obiback.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury BT-5185obifront.jpg
File:Fly by Night, Mercury SRM 1-1023bluelyric.jpgFile:Fly by Night, Mercury SRM 1-1023bluelyricsheetback.jpgFile:Fly by Night.jpg
File:Fly by Night RSHCD 04000405.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:FullSizeRender (20).jpg
File:Garrisonggc-50-ce.jpgFile:Geddy.jpgFile:Geddy 2008.jpg
File:Geddy lee of RUSH singing oh CanadaFile:Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck, White.jpgFile:Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion.jpg
File:Gibson Les Paul Axcess Alex Lifeson.jpgFile:Glpaxcess.jpgFile:Glpcustom.jpg
File:Gold.jpgFile:Grace Under Pressure-1984 Tour.jpgFile:Grace Under Pressure.jpg
File:Hadrian.jpgFile:Hard Rock Casino presents The Pavilion logo.pngFile:Hemispheres.jpg
File:Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), Black 1.jpgFile:Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), Black 2 .jpgFile:Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), Red.jpg
File:Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), White 2.jpgFile:Hentor Sportscaster (Fender Stratocaster), White 3.jpgFile:Hentorwhite.jpg
File:History-portal.jpgFile:Hold Your Fire.jpgFile:Hughes-&-Kettner-Coreblade.jpg
File:Hughes & Kettner Custom Cabinet Prop.jpgFile:Icon.jpgFile:In the Mood.jpg
File:Jc 120 gal.jpgFile:Korg MPK-130 MIDI Pedals.jpgFile:LE STUDIO - TEMPLE OF SOUND - Episode One
File:Lakeside Park.jpgFile:Lakeside park.jpgFile:Lot101082.jpg
File:Lot101094.jpgFile:Ludwig, Blue Shadow.jpgFile:Ludwig, Blue Shadow 2.jpg
File:Ludwig, Hot Pink.jpgFile:Ludwig, Hot Pink 2.jpgFile:Making Memories.jpg
File:Moving Pictures.jpgFile:My Favorite Headache.jpgFile:Neil Peart -
File:Neil Peart 1.jpgFile:Niel.jpgFile:Not Fade Away.jpg
File:One Little Victory.jpgFile:OrangeAmpsGeddyAd.jpgFile:Ovation Adamas Acoustic-Electric 1.jpg
File:Ovation Adamas Acoustic-Electric 2.jpgFile:PPG Wave 2.3.jpgFile:PRS1.jpg
File:Palmer-PDI-3-Speaker-Simula.jpgFile:People-portal.jpgFile:Permanent Waves.jpg
File:Pop-AD200B 01.jpgFile:Power Windows.jpgFile:Presto.jpg
File:R30.jpgFile:RMR Celebrity Winter Advice with Geddy LeeFile:RUSH Alex lifeson first video
File:RUSH Archives.jpgFile:RUSH ~ Live ~ Working Man ~ 2002File:Ray.jpg
File:Red Sector A.gifFile:Red Star test 1.jpgFile:Retrospective 3.jpg
File:Retrospective I- 1974 to 1980.jpgFile:Retrospective I.jpgFile:Retrospective II- 1981 to 1987.jpg
File:Rickenbacker 4001, Black.jpgFile:Rickenbacker 4080 Doubleneck, Black.jpgFile:Rickenbacker 4080 Doubleneck, White .jpg
File:Roll the Bones.jpgFile:Rush's 18th album snakes and arrows.jpgFile:Rush, Mercury 314 534 623-2.jpg
File:Rush, Mercury 9100 011label.jpgFile:Rush, Mercury MCR4-1-1011liner.jpgFile:Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011 Canadabuildingsside1.jpg
File:Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011 Canadabuildingsside2.jpgFile:Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011 Canadalabelside1.jpgFile:Rush, Mercury SRM-1-1011 Canadalabelside2.jpg
File:Rush, Moon MN 100 Label.jpgFile:Rush-Signals.jpgFile:Rush-Through-Time.jpg
File:Rush -File:Rush - Fancy Dancer (RARE)File:Rush Atlantic WPCR-13472 front.jpg
File:Rush Caress of Steel.jpgFile:Rush Exit Stage Left.jpgFile:Rush Fly by Night.jpg
File:Rush clockwork angels.jpgFile:Rush heading.jpgFile:Rush in Rio.jpg
File:Rush moon records.jpgFile:Rush self titled.jpgFile:Rushbt-5162obiback.jpg
File:Rushwikilogo.pngFile:SUBBY D's.jpgFile:SV - Rush - Circumstances
File:Signals.jpgFile:Signals wallpaper.jpgFile:Signalscd.jpg
File:Sk8rbluscatsignature.PNGFile:Slingerland, Black Chrome.jpgFile:Slingerland, Chrome.jpg
File:Snakes & Arrows.jpgFile:Snakes & Arrows Live.jpgFile:Steinberger L2, Black.jpg
File:Steinberger L2, Black 2.jpgFile:Stewart red sparkle.jpgFile:Subdivisions.jpg
File:Subdivisions jukebox cover.jpgFile:Summertime Blues.jpgFile:TC-Electronics-1210-Spatial.jpg
File:TC-Electronics-G-Force-Effe.jpgFile:Tama Artstar.jpgFile:Tama Superstar.jpg
File:Test for Echo.jpgFile:Testforecho-11.jpgFile:The Body Electric.jpg
File:The Spirit of Radio- Greatest Hits 1974–1987.jpgFile:The Spirit of Radio.jpgFile:The Trees.jpg
File:The Trees live S&A 2008.jpgFile:Time Stand Still- The Collection.jpgFile:TitleTemplate.png
File:Tom Sawyer (Live) R30.jpgFile:Tours-portal.jpgFile:Unknown-1.jpeg
File:Untitled-7.jpgFile:Vapor Trails.jpgFile:Videos-portal.jpg
File:Wal, Black.jpgFile:Wal, Cherry Red.jpgFile:West coast kit.jpg
File:Workin' Them Angels.jpgFile:Working Men.jpg

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