Lakeside Park
The song, "Lakeside Park" is the third song from Rush's third album, "Caress of Steel." It is about Lakeside Park, near Lake Ontario, Canada and near where Neil Peart grew up. (1) "The 24th of May" refrences Victoria Day.


Album: Caress of Steel

Lyrics: Neil Peart

Length: 4:08


Geddy Lee: Vocalst/ bass

Alex Lifeson Guitar

Neil Peart: Drums


Geddy Lee reportedly doesn't care for this song and was quoted as saying:

"A lot of the early stuff I'm really proud of, Some of it sounds really goofy, but some of it stands up better than I gave it credit for. As weird as my voice sounds when I listen back, I certainly dig some of the arrangements. I can't go back beyond 2112 really, because that starts to get a bit hairy for me, and if I hear "Lakeside Park" on the radio I cringe. What a lousy song! Still, I don't regret anything that I've done!"

Despite Geddy's previous hatred of the song, they revived it to play a section on their R40 tour. This is the first time it's been played since the tour for A Farewell To kings.


"All the World's a Stage" (Live)

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