In the Mood
In the Mood
is a song by progressive rock band Rush from their debut album, Rush. It was at least two years old when recorded for the album. It is three minutes and 34 seconds long and in 4/4 time. It's one of the only Rush songs to prominently feature cowbell. Christopher Walken would be proud.

Curiously, the song was always performed in concert — often in a medley, and usually near the end of the final encore — until the 1992 Roll the Bones Tour, when it was dropped. In live performances, the line "Hey, baby, it's a quarter to eight" was often altered to include a woman's name in place of the word "baby."

The St. Louis Classic rock radio station KSHE used to play the song every Friday night at 7:45 ("a quarter to eight").


Song: In the Mood

Album: Rush

Label: Moon Records/Mercury Records

Length: 3:33


Geddy Lee: Vocals/Bass

Alex Lifeson: Guitar

John Rutsey: Drums/Percussion

Alternate VersionsEdit

  • All the World's a Stage
Difference: Part of a Medley with "Fly by Night"
  • Grace Under Pressure Tour
Difference: Part of a medley with "Finding My Way"
  • Different Stages
Difference: Live


  • It was played in every tour up until "Roll the Bones"
  • Starting in the early 80's Geddy Lee would put a girls name instead of "baby"
  • It is one of the few Rush songs to use a cowbell
  • It is the only Rush song to use a cowbell with John Rutsey as the drummer