Alex LifesonEdit


The Signatures were strung with Dean Markley strings at .009, .010, .016., .028, .038 and .048. lubed with Finger Ease String Lubricant.


  • Yamaha KX76 - Accesses samplers along with pedals. Fed into Gallien-Krueger 250ML amplifier as a monitor. This and second set of pedals removed after 'Time Stand Still'.

Other Instruments


Started tour with Bryston amplifiers, then changed to Crown Macro amplifiers, ending the tour using Mesa Boogie amplifiers driving cabinets with 4 2x12 25-watt Geenback GM70 Celestion speakers. 2 cabinets were miked with the Sure SM 57's. Remaing 2 cabinets were for backline only. All 4 2 x 12 Gallien-Krueger cabinets were permanently mounted in lead-lined houses to insure perfect sound seperation between each cabinet.


Effects & Electronics


  • Omega Guitar Stand
  • Finger Ease String Lubricant

Geddy LeeEdit


  • Tiel Double 15


  • Roland D-50
  • Korg MIDI Pedals (1)
  • Roland Super Jupiter

Effects & Electronics

  • Yamaha QX-1 Sequencer
  • MIDI Mapper
  • JL Cooper MIDI Patch Bay
  • Tony Geranios Mixer
  • Telex Wireless Unit


  • La Bella Hard Rockin' Steels Strings
  • Finger Ease String Lubricant


  • Guitar World, April 1988 "Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, Together Again in Rush"

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