This page is for Rush fandom topics. This is NOT for trading/giving bootlegs (to avoid any possible legal complications). It will consist of fan-terms and other (notable) fan-created stuff.

Fan AbbreviationsEdit

Albums (Album-Fan Abbreviation)Edit


Fly by Night-FBN

Caress of Steel-COS


All the World's a Stage-ATWAS

A Farewell to Kings-AFTK


Permanent Waves-PeW

Moving Pictures-MP

Exit Stage Left-ESL


Grace Under Pressure-GUP

Grace Under Pressure-P/G

Grace Under Pressure-G\P

Power Windows-PoW

Hold Your Fire-HYF

A Show of Hands-ASOH


Roll the Bones-RTB



Test for Echo-TFE

Vapor Trails-VT

Rush in Rio-RIR



Snakes and Arrows-SAA

Snakes and Arrows-S&A


Malignant Narcissism-Mal Nar

Fan TermsEdit

The Fear Trilogy/SeriesEdit

Songs included:

Witch Hunt (Moving Pictures)

The Weapon (Signals)

The Enemy Within (Grace Under Pressure)

Freeze (Vapor Trails)

Cygnus X-1'sEdit

Songs included:

Cygnus X-1 Book I: The Voyage (A Farewell to Kings)

Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres (Hemispheres)

Tour Nick-NamesEdit

Caress of Steel Tour-Down the Tubes Tour

A Farewell to Kings Tour- Drive 'Till You Die Tour

Hemispheres Tour-Tour of the Hemispheres

Permament Waves Warm Up Tour-Tour of the Semispheres

Signals Warm Up Tour-(First) Tour Of The Nadars

Signal Tour-New World Tour

Grace Under Pressure Warm Up Tour-Radio City Music Hall Five Night Stand

Power Windows Warm Up Tour-Second Tour Of The Nadars


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