Everything Your Listeners Ever Wanted to Hear by Rush
This album was never officially released by the band. Songs were taken from Fly By Night, Caress Of Steel, and 2112.

Track ListingEdit

Music by Lee/ Lifeson. Lyrics by Peart.

No. Title Length

  1. Fly By Night 3:21
  2. Making Memories 2:58
  3. Bastille Day 4:37
  4. Something For Nothing 3:59
  5. Lakeside Park 4:08
  6. Anthem 4:22
  7. Overture/ The Temples Of Syrinx 6:45
  8. The Twilight Zone 3:17
  9. Best I Can 3:25
  10. Bucchas Plateau 3:13
  11. In The End 6:47


  • Geddy Lee- Bass Guitar, Vocals
  • Alex Lifeson- 6 and 12- string Electric and Acoustic Guitars
  • Neil Peart- Percussion

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