The song, "Beneath, Between, & Behind", is the third song from Rush's second album, "Fly by Night." It is
Rush Fly by Night

Fly by Night album cover

about the discovery of America, it's rapid growth, immagration, wars, and the American dream (1)


Song: Beneath, Between, & Behind

Album: Fly by Night

Length: 2:59

Label: Anthem/Mercury


Geddy Lee: Vocals/Bass

Alex Lifeson: Guitar

Neil Peart: Drums


This is, reportedly, the first song recorded with lyrics penned by Neil Peart.

This is the only song in Rush's catalog co-written by Peart and Lifeson, without Lee's influence.

Alternate VersionsEdit

Exit... Stage Left
Rush Exit Stage Left

Exit...Stage Left album cover

Difference: Live



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